Toy It Yourself


Let your kid experience the pride of making his/her own toy. The sense of accomplishment once your kid assembles his/her toy, is bliss to any parent!

With TIY, we aim at developing your kid’s analytical, problem solving and creative skills, while improving mind-body co-ordination.

Get the kids off the screen time, only immersive mind-body co-ordination with hands-on experience of making their own toy.


The best feeling a child can have is a parent who gets down on the floor and plays with him/her!

Our toys do not understand genders. Together, lets eliminate the gender bias in toys.

All our products are manufactured locally, as a part of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat initiative.


Our products are eco-friendly and recyclable. Join us in the pursuit of reducing carbon footprint - Reuse, Recycle or Reach us!

Promise of quality! We consider Product Quality as a habit.